Social Causes


No forced or compulsory labour or child labour

We very clearly condemn any form of forced labour or child labour and do not indulge in any forced labour directly or indirectly, whatsoever. We take special care at every point that bonded labour or any form of child abuse or someone’s personal circumstances are not exploited. We have a very transparent & proper HR managed employment system where every applicant have his/her right to express their opinion before joining employment at our company. We have easily approachable HR communication department where grievances of every employee is listened & addressed to.

Working conditions

We pay attention to Workplace Health and Safety Program, in our company.
We take preventative action to avoid injuries or illness related to workplace, job site conditions. We conduct periodical risk assessments and job hazard analysis to discover what may harm our employees/workers. Some of the working conditions analysis that we do are:
People performing tasks near the rig, mud mixing pumps, re-cycling plant and any task as per site required structures

Chemical substances which may be corrosive, reactive, toxic or flammable etc. Operation at the time of drilling & reaming. Slippery or uneven surfaces. We make sure that we have hard solid stands at the core place of drilling. Machine cabling & Electrical structure at the site. Use of masks, color defined helmets and proper availability of daily needs to every employee. We provide protective gear like gloves, protective uniforms, goggles etc. Maintenance engineers & supervisors will inspect equipment and infrastructure regularly. We hold periodic employee training sessions in health & safety standards and procedures at every site.

Respect for Human Rights

Individual’s self-respect is at the core fore front of our company’s human rights policy, and if such rights are not catered to the company’s environment & growth will hamper, the people who are important for company’s overall health & growth cannot perform their duties and realize their full potential. We will fail as a company and cannot help in making a better society for our generations to come.

Wages & Benefits:

We follow every rule as per our State and Central Government laws that every worker is entitled to receive. These laws also identify which workers are entitled to receive overtime pay for working longer hours.
We take utmost care through our HR department that the correct minimum wage gets paid to every worker working directly or indirectly within our organization. We pay the minimum wages to all workers category including ‘training wage’. The over-time at all level of workers is promptly noted and paid for. We make special care that there are no deductions of wages in form of goods, meals etc…


We provide many benefits such as medical leave, 15 days paid leave for employees belonging to far of places from North India.  We provide a generous attitude towards employees in case of any family emergency and even pay them advance wages to overcome the contingency.
All our employees are under Provident Fund scheme and ESI scheme. We also take Group insurances for our workers as well as employees. We also provide ‘Leave encashment” services to every employee and there is a culture of providing bonus to staff, workers and employees as per the financial results of the company, every year.


There are equal opportunity of all man and women who wish to be associated or work with our company.There is absolutely no discrimination on Race, Colour, Caste or Religion. We promote equality among employees and don’t discriminate among its employees or job applicants.We also adhere to particular obligations towards disabled persons, if any, so that they might gain employment and perform their job duties equally with other employees.