Pipe Thruster


Pipe Thruster
This pipe thruster is a result of dedicated R&D effort of our In-house research.  It is Designed, Engineered and Fabricated at CWS.   The pipe Thruster is powered by 500 HP Hydraulic power unit.

The Thruster can be customized to Push any size of pipe between 24 inches and 36 inches using the same clamp.  However, larges pipes can be pushed by installing a customized pipe clamp. The unique features of the Thruster are: 

a) Exert a variable load upto 500 Tons on the pipe from Pipe Side pushed in the ground. 

b) Can help push the pipe in Tight Pull conditions. 

c) Can retrieve the pipe, in case of “Stuck Pipe” conditions, the hole then can be reconditioned and pipe can be pulled. 

d) It can be either used individually or in conjunction with the Rig on Other side.  Thereby augmenting the TOTAL PULL FORCE, at the same time reducing the Risk of breakage of Down Hole Tooling by dividing the force between Drill pipe and Product Pipe. 

e) The Thruster has been successfully been used for installation of 2 long crossings in India & 1 in Taiwan:

      a. 36” x 2000 m at Yamuna River 

      b. 24” x 2300 m at Ganga River 

      c. 36” x 1750 m at LNG Terminal, Taiwan


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