• Successfully installed 4 nos x 550m HDPE pipes for OWF Project in Taiwan   • Successfully installed India's longest Intersection HDD: 6-inch steel pipe x 3558m at Brahmaputra River for Gail India Ltd   • Successfully installed under hard rock conditions 18"+6" x 2523m at Vashi Creek Navi Mumbai for BPCL   • Successfully installed 12+6-inch steel pipe x 3200m at Mahanadi River for Gail India Ltd

OWF Installation



IN OFFSHORE WINDMILL FARMS (OWF), whenever an export pipeline coming from offshore to onshore, a shore approach solution needs to be provided. TESPL possess a comprehensive understanding of these projects and is well equipped to design, engineer & form HDD methodology and offer complete HDD solution with Rigs, crew & consumables & supporting equipment with respect to challenges involved in any offshore project.

In offshore windmill farms, the tidal data, bathymetric data, sand & soil conditions; cobbles & gravel; where bore hole is constantly surrounded by sea water; are few of the many challenges that needs to be catered to.  The selection of right offshore equipment is another critical aspect that plays a major role in deciding the success of any offshore HDD project; which includes selection of floating or jack-up barge, Multi Cat, FRP vessels, winch, sheaves, support vessels, deck layout, divers & diving vessels, experienced certified associations and many others.

The drilling fluid is the most critical factor in the offshore HDD projects as working in salt water in a sand soil combination is a very challenging scenario. With any normal drilling fluid the salt water starts breaking down within few days only; hence it is unstable. The testing & calibrating of drilling fluid is very important so that hole remains stable for a long period of time and you have a smooth execution days.