• Successfully installed 4 nos x 550m HDPE pipes for OWF Project in Taiwan   • Successfully installed India's longest Intersection HDD: 6-inch steel pipe x 3558m at Brahmaputra River for Gail India Ltd   • Successfully installed under hard rock conditions 18"+6" x 2523m at Vashi Creek Navi Mumbai for BPCL   • Successfully installed 12+6-inch steel pipe x 3200m at Mahanadi River for Gail India Ltd


equipment Details
HDD Rigs
MTBM fleet
Mud Pumps
Re-cycling systems
  • TESPL stands firm & committed to Formosa2 project and with its partners Eunika Underwater diving company and TIPM (Barge supplier) and COMBIFLOAT as a backup agency.  TESPL is fully capable to deliver this project within the specified time duration. 
  • The site visit has given TESPL a comprehensive idea about he challenges of marine life, bentonite spilling into the sea, weather conditions, tidal statistics, HSE aspects and other local laws & conditions. 
  • However, as per our experience of being many years in the HDD industry, we feel, the Geotech & bore hole data are not sufficient to execute this project with conformity and some assumptions will be involved at the time of drilling. 
  • We expect sand and silt with some gravel at unspecified locations, as of now. The amount and exact locations are unknown
  • We are reviewing the latest laboratory information. Accordingly, the final drilling profile will be designed