• Successfully installed 4 nos x 550m HDPE pipes for OWF Project in Taiwan   • Successfully installed India's longest Intersection HDD: 6-inch steel pipe x 3558m at Brahmaputra River for Gail India Ltd   • Successfully installed under hard rock conditions 18"+6" x 2523m at Vashi Creek Navi Mumbai for BPCL   • Successfully installed 12+6-inch steel pipe x 3200m at Mahanadi River for Gail India Ltd

About Us

About Company
Company Features
  • Experts in the Design, Engineering and Turnkey installations​.
  • Two Decades of Trenchless Experience.
  • Worldwide exposure (Bangladesh, India, Israel, Madagascar, Nigeria, Taiwan, UAE & Bahrain)​.
  • Rich experience of drilling in all kind of soil strata viz. Sand, Silty clay, Fractured and Hard rock  formation, Boulder & Gravels​!
  • Nominated for GOLD standard award in INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES applied to complete a project from China Petroleum Corporation (CPC) / Chambers of Commerce, Taiwan​.
Company History

Trenchless Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is the largest Trenchless Service provider company in India and lay claim for the best Technology provider in the field of Trenchless with over 2 decades of experience in the field.

Trenchless Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is the industry leader providing ‘Trenchless Services’ with India’s largest fleet of 23 rigs ranging from 40-500 tons in India & Overseas with 2 decades of experience in the Trenchless Industry. To provide a complete range of services to our clients we also own and operate Laser Guided Tunnel Boring Machines, Auger Boring Machine, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Jacking and Box Pushing for installing casing pipes under roads and railways. We undertake projects that span across diverse segments such as Oil and Gas, Water and Sewer, Power and Telecommunications, OWF (Offshore wind farms) and at any location where diverse understanding of the project is required. The planners, designers and construction specialists at Trenchless have proved their competence & mettle at numerous national & international projects executed in the past. We bring in diverse wealth of engineering and construction expertise to develop infrastructure aimed at further propelling the nation forward, into the 21st century and beyond setting new records and completing challenging projects.

Our employees are the heart & soul of our company. Defined by our core values, it’s their dedication towards providing best customer service that makes them strive to satisfy each and every customer need.

Respect for
Human Rights

Individual’s self-respect is at the core fore front of our company’s human rights policy, and if such rights are not catered to the company’s environment & growth will hamper, the people who are important for company’s overall health & growth cannot perform their duties and realize their full potential. We will fail as a company and cannot help in making a better society for our generations to come. 

No forced or compulsory labour or child labour

We very clearly condemn any form of forced labour or child labour and do not indulge in any forced labour directly or indirectly, whatsoever. We take special care at every point that bonded labour or any form of child abuse or someone’s personal circumstances are not exploited. We have a very transparent & proper HR managed employment system where every applicant have his/her right to express their opinion before joining employment at our company. 


We pay attention to Workplace Health and Safety Program, in our company.We take preventative action to avoid injuries or illness related to workplace, job site conditions. We conduct periodical risk assessments and job hazard analysis to discover what may harm our employees/workers.

innovative experience

Rich experience of drilling in all kind of soil strata viz. Sand, Silty clay, Fractured and Hard rock  formation, Boulder & Gravels​.

international exposure

Worldwide exposure (Bangladesh, India, Israel, Madagascar, Nigeria, Taiwan, UAE & Bahrain)​.Experts in the Design, Engineering and Turnkey installations​.

Company Celebration